deeragon_xing (deeragon_xing) wrote in krishanfic,

Only You

Title: Only You
Pairings: KrisHan, MyeonSoo, Kaihun, Chanbaek Slight!Taoris, HunHan
Ratings : PG-13
Summary: Luhan feels really dissapointed and jealous at the same time when kris answered that his favorite member in EXO is Tao, not him. He started to wonder whether Kris is still loving him or not, since they're a (real) couple, and he's afraid if the answer is no. But Kris has an explanation for all of his actions.
What will happen to them?

This story inspired from Park So Hyun's (PSH) Love Game's Summer Special Idol Version Radio where EXO became the guest.
There's no special moments there (except Suho's propose to D.O XD haha), but since i'm a KrisHan hard shipper, i wanted to make a story beside Kris's answer to PSH question about his fave member..
It's my first fanfic published in English, so i'm really sorry if my grammar isn't good..since english isn't my first language X_X
anyway, i'd like to accept any comments, and critic..and i'll post the story soon..
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